A Fireside Chat with : 29 March 2022
     11 AM EST
     8 AM PST
>> International Women’s Day - what does it mean to be a female entrepreneur in AI
>> Encouraging a diverse start up community and differentiating yourself
>> Removing the stigma for standing up for ethical AI in your personal and professional lives
>> Is it possible to apply logic and formula to AI: Decisive vs Empathy
>> What are key technologies we can use to take bias out of AI
Chantal Sathi
Founder Cornerstone AI
Oxford University Alumni Board Member
Co-CEO The Courage Campaign
SVP Customer Success
Mark Bernardo
Rachel Trombetta Co-CEO
Humans for AI
Executive Architect ServiceNow
Kenneth Parker Chief Business Officer
Humans for AI
Executive Digital Industry 4.0 Leader
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A Fireside Chat with Chantal Sathi and Mark Bernardo 29 March 2022
     11 AM EST
     8 AM PST
Chantal is an innovator and pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and global development. She is the Global Director for Innovation at the Milo Institute tasked with engaging 30+ countries to develop the first fully autonomous AI vehicle to go to planet Mars in 2026 under the auspices of Arizona State University and Lockheed Martin. Under her leadership, this global initiative will align with the NASA mission to Mars and provides entrepreneurial opportunities to create new ventures that grow the outer space economy. She is currently conducting her PhD research in the Human Dimensions of Science and Technology at ASU, focusing on ethical AI. She is also the Founder of CornerstoneAI Inc. and invented the company's signature proprietary software BiasFinderAI ™, a complex cause-and-effect AI algorithmic assessment that detects inherent bias in machine learning systems.
Chantal is a member of Oxford University’s Alumni Board, Oxford Entrepreneurs Network Executive Committee member and Oxford's Women in Business Society member. She is an accomplished classical pianist who enjoys physical fitness and flying glider planes with Oxford University Gliding Club
Mark Bernardo is an experienced executive with over 30 years in the corporate world and a track record of inspiring high performing teams. His expertise spans roles in Engineering, Services, Support and General Management serving various Fortune 500 companies in industries including Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, and Energy. In this capacity, Mark has developed a passionate, inclusive leadership style that is earmarked by his ability to create spaces where co-workers and customers alike feel safe, respected, and seen.
Mark complemented his corporate capabilities by simultaneously spending 25 years teaching various forms of Martial Arts; helping his students find their individual strengths while managing their fears. His coaching style honors both traditional Japanese philosophies and modern-day techniques believing, “history is for learning, not for living.”
Influenced by his years of inspiring teams and teaching people how to use their body to strengthen their mind, he is most passionate about the work he and his partner Ashley are doing with youth in Massachusetts through The Courage Campaign. Helping BIPOC students find agency and confidence while coping with systemic racism in education is not only essential, but immediate.
Whether coaching, leading a team, or working on TCC, Mark fundamentally believes in each human as an individual. He says, “Our environments shape who we are, and by acknowledging each person’s gifts and unique background, we can expand our capacity for empathy and compassion.”
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