The AI Student Collective (AISC) is a global network of student organizations dedicated to providing accessible AI literacy through pre-professional programs and events. We work to create a more informed future in AI by leveraging industry connections to elevate student experiences and provide exciting professional development opportunities. Each year will be marked by high-impact events, such as a symposium and product competition, as well as local opportunities such as resume workshops, code-alongs, and corporate mixers. By building a community of responsible and insightful students across the country, we hope to do our part in contributing towards a more diverse and equitable future.
Meet the Current AISC Branches
Learn more about the branches focused on supporting a diverse AI ecosystem and being B.O.L.D. 
University of California, Davis
Founded: September 2022
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University of California, San Diego
Founded: January 2023
University of Texas, Dallas
Founded: June 2023
University of California, Riverside
Founded: August 2023
Texas A&M
Founded: September 2023
More Coming Soon!