A Message from our founder

"AI will impact all humans. For AI to improve human lives equally - we need diverse teams building and managing it."
- Beena Ammanath (Founder, Humans for AI)
Who We Are
Humans for AI is a multidisciplinary team of passionate volunteers, ranging from business leaders to university students. With volunteers from across the globe, we believe in a future workforce as diverse as the real world. Thats why each member of the Humans for AI team is working tirelessly to create a B.O.L.D future!
Our Team
What We Do
With our programs designed to increase accessibility, literacy, and community across the tech industry, we hope to provide students and professionals with a range of opportunities to either upskill or reskill before making an impact.

Why We Do It
Currently, the tech industry lacks diversity across a variety of demographics. Given the reach and impact of AI and other emerging technologies, we believe that creating a diverse future workforce is vital in making sure new applications of AI make a positive impact on society. From the Artificial Intelligence Student Collective to established Talent Pipelines, we support marginalized communities, and enable them to contribute to the future of Artificial Intelligence.