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Our Mission
At Humans For AI, we believe that artificial intelligence is going to change life as we know it today! AI will be as pervasive as the Internet and Mobile Technologies. AI’s influence is not going to be restricted to tech roles – it is going to change how nurses, pilots, physical therapists, small business owners, investment bankers and farmers all do their jobs.

No matter what your job is today, it is going to look significantly different in the future – thanks to underlying AI technologies. The workforce of the future needs to be AI-savvy and that we have a unique opportunity to make this future workforce as diverse as the real world.

Humans For AI aims to build the diverse workforce of the future leveraging the existing AI technologies.

Our approach is four-fold:
  • Broaden the pipeline of minorities currently in tech careers, seeking to move to careers in AI by being the go to destination for all things AI because we believe that diversity of thought and opinion ultimately builds better products.
  • Open and inclusive community of people interested in AI by facilitating interactions with experts, practitioners and thought leaders in the field.
  • Leverage AI to release a set of free products built by this community to further our mission of bringing diversity to AI.
  • Demystify AI by providing a basic understanding of the concepts, thinking and events in AI for novices and non-technical people interested in how AI will impact their lives and their jobs.
We are on a mission to build a more diverse workforce for the future.
New to Artificial Intelligence and wondering what the fuss is all about? Is AI really going to take away all our jobs? We will demystify the latest buzzwords with examples from your daily life and give you a glimpse into this fascinating world.
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